Programme and Registration: Encountering the Material Medieval

You can register (and provide badge details) for second edition of the Medieval Materialities conference on the Eventbrite website. Note you can register your attendance to the dinner here as well.
We are also happy to announce the conference programme for the 19-20 January 2017. The Undercroft and the Old Class Library are both located in St John’s House, 71 South Street, St Andrews.
11:30-13:00 (Undercroft) Registration and Networking nibbles
1-2:30 (Old Class Library) Panel 1: Modern medieval made tangible
Guthrie Stewart, Independent, United Kingdom – Bringing the materiality of the medieval to the institution or the wider public
Dr Tomasz Borowski, Polish History Museum, Poland – Senses and Storytelling: recovering the ‘sense’ of medieval material in a constructed historic narrative
Nicole Kipar, PhD student, Edinburgh Heriot Watts, Scotland – Object Zero: materialising the impossible past
2:30-4 (venue TBC) Medieval Stitch’n’Bitch – An embroidery workshop
Dr Alexandra Makin, Early Career Academic, University of Manchester – Embroider a Bayeux Tapestry Peacock
4-5 (Old Class Library) Keynote Paper
Prof Andrew Prescott, University of Glasgow, Scotland – What Happens when the Internet of Things Meets the Middle Ages?
DRINKS (Umdercroft)
DAY 2 (20th Jan)
9:30-10 (Undercroft) Coffee
10-11:30 (Old Class Library) Panel 2: Medieval-modern continuum of the body
Ane Petrea Danielsen, PhD Student, Aarhus University – The medieval religious icon as prosthetic body
Rachael Gillibrand, PhD Student, University of Leeds – Crutches, sticks and staffs: using images to access the materiality of impairment in the late Middle Ages
Dr Johannes Mayer, Nurenberg, Germany – Monastery Medicine – a short history based on the main sources
11:30- 1:00 (Old Class Library) Immaterial materiality: Virtual reality tour
Dr Elizabeth Rhodes, University of St Andrews – Open Virtual Worlds: a virtual reality St Andrews
1:00-2:30 (Undercroft) Lunch
2:30-4:30 (Old Class Library) Replies: The past, present and future of the medieval book
Prof Jane Geddes, History of Art, University of Aberdeen – A New Look at the Aberdeen Bestiary, as a material object
Prof Emma Cayley, Medieval French, University of Exeter, UK – (Keynote) Mediating Medieval Materialities: Text, Fabric, Screen
-end of conference-

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